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Girls Only Craft Corner

Who is Girls Only - The Secret Comedy of Women® for?

Girls Only can be enjoyed by anyone and if you’ve ever played games at a slumber party, ever read your childhood diary and relished how clever you were then (and how far you’ve come), or ever taken the time to laugh at some of the things in life that are uniquely female, you are going to love this show.

We encourage women to come and bring their mothers, daughters, sisters and girlfriends. It’s truly the perfect girls’ night out. Ladies often come with a friend or by themselves, but it’s also a wonderful and fun experience to have with a group of girlfriends or relatives. The more women you come with, the more you’ll have to share your own memories with when you leave. We’ve had bachelorette parties, birthday parties, church groups, knitting clubs, baby showers – you name a group of women and they’ve probably come together to see Girls Only.

Now, we don’t see a lot of men at the show. Not because they don’t get the humor, and not because there’s any “man-bashing” going on, but more because women really appreciate it the most. But the men that we’ve had at the show have enjoyed themselves. By and large, they laugh and appreciate the fact that their wife or girlfriend is having a good time.

Girls Only is a great show for women of just about any age. As the creators of the show put it, if a woman knows what “the time of the month” is, she’s old enough to enjoy the show. There is nothing risqué in the content of the show, but we find that much of the humor is best appreciated by women approximately 12 and up.