Here are a of couple snapshots from our show. And we'd love for you to share your photos with us!  Post your pictures of your group on Facebook and tag our Facebook page or email them and we’ll share our favorites here.  Check out some recent groups of women who came to see Girls Only.

Have you had your picture taken with John? Make friends with the bad boy in our lobby – the only guy you’re likely to see on your girls’ night out!

Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein in Girls OnlyLinda KleinBarbara Gehring and Linda Klein in Girls OnlyAmie MacKenzie in Girls OnlyAllison Watrous and Amie MacKenzie in Girls OnlyBarbara Gehring and Linda Klein in Girls Only

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Bring a Group

Top 10 reasons to come with every girlfriend you know.

Dear Diary

Back-to-School Memories: Brushing the teacher's hair

I had a really hard time starting first grade. I hated my teacher who – although she looked for all the world like Paula Abdul to me and was very chic – got my name wrong all the time and always asked us girls to brush her hair for her during class – weird! I also really missed my mom, and d...
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