Party Games

Amie MacKenzie and Allison Watrous in Girls Only

Organizing a Girls Only - The Secret Comedy of WomenTM night out? Here are some of our favorite games to play with your gal pals…

Pass Your Purse: All ladies should sit in a circle with their purse. Then, everyone pass the purse two people to the left. Look in the purse you received and pull out the most humorous item you find and make up the best reason you can think of for her to be carrying the item around in her handbag. Go around the circle so everyone has a turn.

Then, pass the purses two more people to the left. Reach inside and pull out the one item in the purse that most represents its owner and tell why.

Name that Famous Chick: The point of this game is to get your team to guess as many famous women as possible, in three rounds of increasing difficulty. Using our list of famous women (and adding some of your own!), write down all the names on slips of paper, fold them, and put them in a basket. Split up into two teams.

Round 1: A player from the first team draws names from the basket and has 60 seconds to get their team to guess as many names as possible. The player can use any words they want to describe the person except the celebrity’s actual name. This goes on, switching teams every 60 seconds with players taking turns until the basket is empty. Each team earns one point per name correctly guessed.

Round 2: All the names go back in the bowl. Using the same 60-second format, players can now only use two words to describe the person. Tally team scores at the end of this round.

Round 3: All names are returned to the bowl. In the same format, players must get their teammates to guess the famous woman’s name without using any words at all.

Some of our favorite names for the game:
Marilyn Monroe
Miss Piggy
Eve (as in Adam and…)
Carol Channing
Barbara Streisand
Marie Antoinette
Princess Diana
Felicia Rashad
Roseanne Barr
Mary Lou Retton
Nancy Drew
Diana Ross
Annie Oakley
Margaret Thatcher
Condoleeza Rice
Hillary Clinton
Frida Kahlo
Ann Landers
Carol Burnett
Betsy Ross
Britney Spears
Billie Jean King

Memories and Merlot
Each party guest will need their childhood memory box or something equivalent. You will need one (or two) bottles of your favorite wine, and be ready to drink!

Everyone should sit in a circle with their glass and memory box. Similar to the game “Never-Have-I-Ever,” the first person selects something from their box to share. If anyone else in the circle has this item in their box they should take a sip of wine. Everyone with the item tells a story about it before you move on to the next person. For example, if you have a love letter written for your second grade sweetie, anyone in the circle with a love letter should sip and proceed to read the juicy excerpts aloud for the group. Move clockwise around the circle until all of the boxes or bottles are empty. What a great way to share childhood similarities over a glass of vino! Please drink responsibly – this game is just as fun with virgin drinks!

Pantyhose Relay Race
Split into two teams. Each team has one pair of pantyhose. Divide the two teams again so that half of the people are on either side of the room. You will need one referee from the party to oversee the mayhem.

The first person from each team puts on the pantyhose (don’t let them run!) and sprints to the other side of the room to the second team member. Person one takes off the pantyhose (again, no runs in those hose!) and passes them to the second person to put on. This will go back and forth until one team wins. The winner will have the fastest time and the most intact pair of hose. Each person must have the pantyhose on all the way before dashing to the next team member. If your team runs or rips the hose, the team must start over from the beginning with a new pair. Good luck ladies!

Spin the Hairbrush
A girly take on the infamous Spin the Bottle, no kissing involved. Partygoers should bring their childhood diary, if available. On slips of paper, write a question about diary-type content. Sample questions include:

What was your childhood diary like?
When was your first kiss?
What did (do) you want to be when you grow up?
Who was your best friend? Did you have any sworn enemies?
What was (is) the coolest decoration/memorabilia in your room?
Who was your first crush?

Have everyone sit in a circle. Find a flat hair brush that will spin on your playing surface. Spin the hair brush and whomever the large part of the brush lands on must choose a slip of paper and answer the question. If their diary is available, they should find a passage about the subject of the question. Then that player spins the brush and the game goes on. Happy spinning and happy sharing!