Frequently Asked Questions

What is Girls Only - The Secret Comedy of Women®?
Girls Only is an original comedy that celebrates the honor, truth, humor and silliness of being female. This two-character show was born out of the earnest and sweetly ridiculous writings the two authors discovered in their girlhood diaries.

What kind of show is Girls Only?
Girls Only is mix of sketch comedy, improvisation, audience participation, musical numbers and videos.

Who is the show for? Who should attend?
Girls Only is lovingly intended for female audiences. We encourage women to come and bring their mothers, daughters, sisters and girlfriends. It’s truly the perfect girls’ night out. We don’t see a lot of men at the show, not because they wouldn’t understand it or they wouldn’t have fun, but more because Girls Only is much like a twelve year old girl’s slumber party – an man might just feel a little uncomfortable.

Ladies often come with a friend or by themselves, but many women have found it’s a wonderful and fun experience to have with a group of girlfriends or female relatives. We find that groups of women have much to share with one another when they see the show. We’ve had bachelorette parties, birthday parties, church groups, knitting clubs, baby showers – you name a group of women and they’ve probably come together to see Girls Only.

How are men receiving the show?
Mostly, they aren’t. But the few men that we’ve had at the show have enjoyed themselves. We don’t poke fun at them, there’s no “man-bashing” of any sort. We invite them to come along and join us in the fun. By and large, they just laugh and enjoy the fact that their wife or girlfriend is having a good time. And then they head for the doors as soon as possible.

Where is Girls Only playing?
You can find all current and upcoming productions here.

How can I purchase Girls Only merchandise?
Merchandise – including martini glasses, t-shirts, mugs and magnets – is available at the merchandise booth during every performance.

Is the show appropriate for young people?
As the creators of the show put it, if a woman knows what “the time of the month” is, she’s old enough to enjoy the show. There is nothing risqué in the content of the show, but much of the humor would be best appreciated by women approximately 12 and up.

How long is Girls Only?
Girls Only runs just under two hours, with one intermission.