Craft Corner


Welcome to the Craft Corner! As you know, the Craft Corner is the place to find nifty and useful ways to make good use of those last boxes of product you have stored away in the cupboard from the days before you went through “the change.” Here are a couple of our favorite crafts, with step-by-step directions for you to follow.

Have you thought up some of your own great ideas of how to make fantastic crafts out of product?  Please share them with us!  Post your craft ideas on our Diary page or our Facebook page.

Craft Corner “Christmas Angel”

What you will need:

1 tampon, unwrapped
1 silver pipe cleaner
1 panty liner
wing template (cut out)
hot glue gun

Step 1:  Cut 1½ inch piece of pipe cleaner and configure into a halo. Glue pipe cleaner (halo) on top of tampon with string at top.

Step 2:  Draw a wing pattern onto the panty liner. (Don’t use a marker or it will bleed through the liner!) Cut out wing pattern.

Step 3:   Peel off adhesive backing of panty liner and sprinkle glitter onto the sticky side of liner (angel wings) leaving a small ½ inch section down the middle.

Step 4:   Adhere the wings to the angel body (tampon) using the ½ inch section of the liner left unglittered as your center.

Step 5:  Make a loop with string at the top of the angel using hot glue, hang on tree and admire.

Craft Corner “Sporty Ear Muffs”

What you will need:
1 large maxi pad (no Ultra Thin!)
markers or stickers in your favorite team’s colors

Step 1:  Cut maxi pad in half.

Step 2:  Lay both halves of the pad face up on work surface.

Step 3:  Write “GO” on one half and “TEAM” on the other. Use the colors of your favorite team or stickers with their official logo.

Step 4:  Leave the adhesive strips in place and put the earmuffs in your stadium bag.

Step 5:  To use at the game, pull the muffs out, remove the adhesive backing and stick one muff to each ear. (It is also a good idea to take along a few copies of these instructions because everyone seated near you will want to know how to make their own.) GO TEAM!!