About The Set

If you’ve seen Girls Only - The Secret Comedy of Women®, then you know that our set is chock full of nostalgic childhood items, some pop culture icons, and other things sure to be found in a young girl’s bedroom. But did you know that the set holds many quiet nods to Barbara and Linda’s actual childhood bedrooms?

Barbara’s first major crush, and possible first kiss, was Shaun Cassidy. She saved up for every Teen Beat that had him on the cover. The first record she ever owned was a 45 of Shaun Cassidy’s “Da Doo Ron Ron.” There is a hunky poster of Shaun behind the bed on the set.

Linda was a big movie fan while growing up – in particular, Star Wars. The poster on the set is one of many tributes to the alternate galaxy that she had gracing her walls (and ceiling). 

The Holly Hobby and the “Couple Hugging on the Beach” posters that are behind the dresser are from Barbara’s actual bedroom. And yes, at some point, they were on the wall at the same time, both from different eras of her girlhood. She dreamed of meeting “the man on the beach.”

Tucked away on the bulletin board are actual school photos of the creators’ husbands. (Coincidentally, both are named Paul.)

The mess under the bed was inspired by Linda’s bedroom. The only way she cleaned her room as a child was to shovel everything under there. One time her mother found her missing electric skillet stuffed into the stratified chaos.

The afghan on the bed was inspired by one that Barbara’s Baba (Ukrainian for “Grandmother”) crocheted for her when she was a girl. It was on the set in the original Girls Only production.

The furniture in Barbara’s room was exactly like the furniture on the set – ivory paint, gold trim and all. It still graces her parents’ spare bedroom. Her room, unfortunately, was somewhat smaller than the Girls Only bedroom.