About the Authors

 Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein

BARBARA GEHRING has always had the heart of a performer. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, her role as the third child in the family was to make everyone laugh. Gehring caught the improv comedy bug in high school and won the “Drama Award” when she graduated. She was a very active cast member of the Black Hole Theatre Company at the University of Manitoba where she earned her Bachelor of Education with a double major in both Theatre and English. After graduating, she moved to Japan to teach English through the Japanese Ministry of Education. In addition to teaching English to practically everyone in a small farming town in northern Japan, she also met her husband Paul and started her modeling and acting career. After three years of living in Japan, she moved to Colorado where she quickly dove into the improv, sketch comedy and theatre communities. Since then, she has performed with improv troupes Headgames and Comedy Sports and has written and performed with the sketch group The ACME Comedy Players as well as the troupe she helped to found, A.C.E.

In 1995, Gehring left her job as an elementary school teacher to pursue a career working full time as a commercial, film and radio actress. That leap of faith paid off, as she is currently one of Denver’s busiest commercial actors. Gehring has to her credit several films, has appeared on Fox Sports Network's "Best Damn Sports Show" and in countless national and local television commercials. She also freelances as a creative consultant for a Denver marketing firm.

In 1998, Gehring formed the international comedy trio A.C.E. with Matthew Taylor and Linda Klein. She has co-written over 50 original shows with the troupe and has dazzled audiences nationally and worldwide with her energetic performances. The success of Girls Only has been a dream come true, and Gehring looks to future endeavors such as pursuing her dream of doing animation voice over, starring in an improv-based movie, producing other A.C.E. shows and publishing her humorous book on baby labor and delivery.

Gehring holds a black belt in both karate and ancient weapons, is an avid snowboarder and water skier, and is crazy enough to climb 30 feet of fabric to perform aerial fabric dance. Besides Girls Only, her latest and most special creations are her children Isabella and Gavin.

LINDA KLEIN grew up in the small mountain town of Idaho Springs above Denver, Colorado. There she performed in many high school productions and continued to pursue her interest in entertainment by earning a degree in Film Studies at Pitzer College near Los Angeles.

She has been a member of the Denver comedy scene since 1993 and one-third of the comedy trio A.C.E. Entertainment for most of that time. During her years with A.C.E. she has co-written and performed in over 50 original productions and graced stages nationwide, including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Klein has a dense background in theatrical improvisation and comedy writing, and works as a commercial actor.

Klein is never satisfied pursing only one creative project at time. In addition to her continued work on Girls Only, she is currently working with Matthew Taylor developing his book of comedic essays, as well as seeking out production opportunities for A.C.E.’s other shows. She dreams of establishing a creative thinking firm that would not only be a clearing house for great ideas, but also an imaginative place to develop them.

In her time off she can be found traveling extensively with her husband Paul, as the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and her plethora of nieces and nephews will all confirm.